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Trick Or Treat
Candy Hunt Game

There is some Candy hidden in one of pumpkins below.  To find the candy Trick or Treat among the Pumpkins by clicking on them to find it.  But, beware while you are hunting as you may wind up being part of the Witches Brew or trapped by the Gravedigger! 

(Hint) You may have to go back to the same Pumpkin more than one time.
 Good Luck hunting!

Click me, I've got the candy!
Try Me!
Click me, I really have the candy!
No Try Me!
Can't you tell!  I've got the candy!
It's Me!
Click Me, Click Me!!!!!
Me Me Me!
You'll find the candy here!
How About Me!
Yum, this candy is good!
Try Us!
This candy is delicious!
Try Me!
Click me, I've got the candy!
I've Got It!



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