Mother's Day Flowers

Happy Mother's Day
to all the Wonderful Mom's
and Mom's to be
from all of us at
Emotions Greeting Cards

So when and why did we start celebrating Moms with a special day?
Turn up your speakers, sharpen your pencils and test your knowledge
of this celebration as well as some famous Moms.
Be sure to print out this page and share it with your friends,
family and of course your Mom!

Mother's Day Bluebird



What state first proclaimed a day of observance for Mothers?

In what year was Mother's Day made official
in the United States?
Mother's Day Rose

What President made Mother's Day a national holiday?

Who was Julia Ward Howe?

The first celebrations in honor of mothers was held in the spring in
ancient Greece.  Who did they pay tribute to?

What is Hilaria?

Mothering Sunday celebrated in England is also known as what?

Red Carnations displayed or worn on Mother's Day signifies what?

Who was Ana Jarvis?





                                 Celebrity Moms

The following Celebrity Mothers have Celebrity Daughters.  Name them:

                               Blythe Danner ______________________

                               Tippi Hedren _______________________

Janet Leigh _______________________Ingrid Bergman

Goldie Hawn ________________________

Debbie Reynolds _____________________

Ingrid Bergman ______________________

Maureen O'Sullivan ___________________

Judy Garland _______________________

Naomi Judd ________________________

Joan Rivers ________________________






                               Television MomsThe Ward Cleaver Family ~ Leave it to Beaver

      The following actresses were Mothers on TV Shows.
Name the shows and the Mom's TV names:

Donna Reed_____________________

Florence Henderson _____________________

Phylicia Rashad ________________________

Meredith Baxter Birney ___________________

Betty Buckley __________________________

Barbara Billingsley_______________________

Shirley Jones __________________________

Marion Ross __________________________

Jean Stapleton__________________________

Harriet Nelson__________________________






Animated Moms

The following are animated Mothers on TV Shows.  Name the shows:

Betty Rubble __________________________Jane Jetson

Didi Pickles ___________________________

Marge Simpson ________________________

Peggy Hill ____________________________

Jane Jetson ___________________________




Mother's Day Flowers

The History and Traditions of Mother's Day


Click on the Tea Cup to learn
about the history and traditions of Mother's Day.
Hint!  You'll find many trivia answers here!

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