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Mfg. Unknown
Artist: Ellen H. Clapsaddle
Circa: Early 1900's
Mechanical Postcard allows the little girls arm, which is attached with a small metal grommet, to move back and forth so she can hide behind her Pumpkin mask.  The card reads: "A Thrilling Hallowe'en"

Mfg. D & B
Circa: Early 1912
Postcard reads: "Hallowe'en Greetings"
    Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Early 1900's
Card with glitter on the ghosts, stars, cats eyes and pumpkins face reads: "A Thrilling Hallowe'en".

Mfg. F. A. Owen, Co. Dansville, N.Y.
Artist M. H. S.
Marked 208C
Circa: Early 1908
Postcard reads: "I feel that the old witch is near, for I see her broom and hat queer, To-night, she and I Shall not pass you by, When we scatter our Hallowe'en cheer"

Mfg. Rust Craft
Made in the USA
Circa: 1956
Cut out two fold card has a "fuzzy to the touch" ghost that reads: "Hi! Happy Halloween!"  Inside reads: Don't let the goblins get you, Watch out for witches too, But have fun every minute, No matter what you do!".

Mfg. International. Art Publ. Co.
Printed in Germany
Artist:  Ellen H. Clapsaddle
Circa: 1911
Card laced with glitter reads: "A Thrilling Hallowe'en".  The little boy is reading a book titled; "Ye Ghost".

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