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Mfg. Unknown
Circa:  Late 1800's
Most popular in the late 1800's this bright Pink Silk Fringed Card has two sides and was meant  to be hand delivered or sent in an envelope unlike other mailed "postcards" of those days.  Many of these silk fringed cards came in their own unique gift mailing box.  One side of the card reads: "Christmas I wish thee with plenty of cheer! And thine will, I trust, be a Happy New Year".   The reverse side reads: "I trust that a year of property may, Alight on thy path and illumine thy way!"

Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Early 1900's
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "New Year Greetings"
Mfg. L. F. Pease
Copyright 1912
List No. 664
Poem: L. E. R.
Circa:  1912
Postcard reads: "A Happy New New Greeting ~ I send you to-day by messengers Keen, My very best wishes for 1913".
L. Prang Christmas Card
Mfg. L. Prang & Co.
Copyright 1880
Circa: Dated 1881
This beautiful bright Gold Leafed Postcard made by "The Father of Christmas Cards, reads: "A right Merry Christmas, With no cause for a tear; A heart ever thankful, And a Happy New Year".
    Mfg. Unknown
Printed in Germany
Ser. 760
Circa:  Postmarked December 24, 1909
Embossed, Coated Postcard reads: "A Happy New Year"

Mfg. Unknown
Poetry / Verse: S. K. Cowan M. A.
Circa: Late 1800's
Embossed, Cut Out, Glittered, 3D Card has text on the side panels as well as the back.  The side panels read: "Wishing you from my heart ~ a Happy New Year."  The back panel reads: "A glad New Year! From day to day May lots of pleasures round your way Like schoolmates throng; May everyone be kind to you, And love you as they ought to do, The whole year long. S. K. Cowan M.A.










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