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Mfg. Raphael Tuck & Son's
Art Publishers to Their Majesties
The King & Queen
"Decoration Day" Series of Post Cards No. 158
Circa: Postmarked May 30, 1910
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "For us their precious lives they gave, for freedom's sacred cause they died."

Mfg. International Art Publ. Co.
New York _Berlin - Copyright 1908
Printed in Germany
Series No. 51658
Circa: Postmarked, March 1, 1914
From the Collection of P. Noble
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: The St. Gaudens Statue.  The Bottom reads:  The Capitol. Over the Capital is the artists name: C. Chapman

Mfg. A Hallmark Card
Hall Brothers Inc. Copyright  1943
Circa: Inscription July 1944
French Folded Glittered Card, with a Red, White and Blue Ribbon that goes through the card reads: To Someone Who's In The Service.
Inside reads:  A message for you in the Service, To tell you that while you're away, Someone is thinking about you And missing you, too, every day -- And someone is sending good wishes, Especially warm and sincere, For lots of good luck in whatever you do, Today and each day through the year. 

Mfg. Julius Bien & Co., N.Y.
Copyright 1908
"4th July" Series 7004
Circa: Postmarked  July 2, 1908
From the D. & D. Carter Collection
Divided Back Embossed Postcard reads:
I'm "going off" on the 4th

Mfg.  S.L. & Co.
Made in Germany
Circa: Postmarked October 4, 1908
Heavy Embossed, Silver Leafed Postcard reads: 4.July   The Glorious Fourth of July





Mfg. Rust Craft Boston U.S.A.
Copyright 1943
Circa: Inscribed May 1944
French Folded Card with an oval window revealing the Red, White and Blue Ribbon inside the card.  The Ribbon has a protective clear plastic piece covering it with a  Gold Eagle and Stars embossed.  The Card reads:  For my Husband in the Service.  A Special Father's Day Message.  Inside reads:  For you alone are all the thoughts, The loving wishes too, That fill my heart, and prompt this, Dear, On Father's Day, to you;  For you alone....for only you, In all the world, can know, The thoughts and wishes that are mine, Because I love you so!










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