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Hall Brothers Thanksgiving Card
Mfg.  Hall Brothers
Circa: 1944
A very unusual card in our collection this card folds into fourths has a red ribbon that goes through to the inside.  The leaf is covered with a gel type beading making the card quite heavy.  The card reads: "To My Wife On Thanksgiving".   Inside reads: "Because I'll always care, Sweetheart, because you'll always be the dearest and most precious one in all the world tome, this message for Thanksgiving time is bringing with it, too, a wish for every happiness with all my love for you."
A. Jaeger Thanksgiving Postcard
Mfg. A. Jaeger
Circa: Postmarked October 29, 1910
Embossed, Gold Leafed Postcard reads: "Thanksgiving Greeting".
  S. Bergman Thanksgiving Card
Mfg. S. Bergman
Circa: Early 1900's
Series:  7033
Postcard reads:  "May each day be a Thanksgiving Day".
Hall Brothers Thanksgiving Card
Mfg. Hall Brothers Inc.
Circa:  1943
Card folds into fourths and the trees are covered in gold glitter.  Card reads:   "A Thanksgiving Greeting To Someone Very Dear"  Inside reads:   The dearest wish within my heart is just that life will be as sweet to you in every way as you have been to me!"
 Thanksgiving Postcard
    Mfg. Unknown
Circa: Early 1900's
Series:  4802
Finely Embossed Postcard reads: "Thanksgiving Day".
Hall Brothers Thanksgiving Card
Mfg. Hall Brothers Inc.
Circa: 1944
Card folded into fourths the turkeys feathers are covered with glitter and he has a real white feather in his tail.  Card reads: "To My Husband Because It's Thanksgiving"  Inside reads: "Each time I count my blessings, Dear, I realize anew how rich and sweet my life has been-- and all because of you, and though no words could ever tell the gratitude I feel, you know that, like my love for you, it's very deep and real."

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