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Welcome to our Fourth of July Extravaganza!

It's summertime and it's time for, warm, sun filled days,
barbecues, camp, vacations and several holidays
in which we pay tribute to our country,
Flag Day, Independence Day and  Labor Day.

Feel free to print out these pages and share them
with your friends and family.


Independence Day is the national holiday of
the United States of America commemorating
the signing of the Declaration of Independence
by the Continental Congress
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We all know the basic history of the events
surrounding the Fourth of July, but, the details
of this monumental occasion in American history
somehow fall through the cracks.

The following pages are full of
wonderful stories, history and accounts
of the History of our Country,
the Fourth of July,
a beautiful tribute to America pictorial,
Patriotic Midis, Wallpaper & Photos
and much, much more.

We don't think you'll find a more
comprehensive site anywhere!

ENJOY and Happy Fourth of July!


Who Was Uncle Sam?

From the Revolution to Reconstruction
a Comprehensive Timeline of the History
of the United States

The Liberty Bell
Myths and Facts

The Constitution of the
United States of America

( View the actual documents )

Flag Day
( See the evolution of our current Flag
and read about the history of Flag Day )

Labor Day
( Read about the history of this Day
and see historic photographs )

History of The American Flag ~ 
How To Display and Fold the American Flag

The History of the Fourth Of July
Independence Day

The Bill of Rights

I Am The Flag ~ Tributes to the American Flag
Courtesy: Created by Rocky Chaplin and Ruth Apperson Rous

The Declaration of Independence
( View the actual documents )

The Presidents of the United States

A Beautiful Tribute

Courtesy: Created by Rocky Chaplin

Patriotic Songs ~ Lyrics & Midis

Courtesy: Created by Rocky Chaplin

Patriotic Wallpapers ~ Photographs

The Magna Carta
( view the actual document )

The Mayflower Compact
( view the actual document )

The Emancipation Proclamation
( view the actual documents )

Washington's Farewell Address

Patriotic Books, Music & Audio

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