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Mfg. Unknown
Made in Germany
Circa: 1890
A true treasure, these two Post Cards are one of the favorites in our collection.   These cards have another cut-out card attached to the front.  A small ribbon holds the sheets containing the message inside.  The first page opens to read: "To wish You every Happiness".  The next page reads: " May your New Year my friend be a glorious one, and may you find that the heart which happiness bestows, reflected happiness will bless". The first card shown is dark pink roses, the front reads: "Birthday Greetings".  The second card shown is purple violets and reads: "A Happy Birthday".
Both cards read identical inside.

Mfg. Gartner & Bender, Chicago
Circa: Posted March 7, 1913
This black and white Post Card reads: "May peace and happiness be with you on your Birthday".
Buzza-Cardozo, Hollywood, California
Circa:  1945
Another of our favorites, this is one of the first "mechanical - moving" greeting cards, the front of this card reads: "I'm Awful Embarrassed 'cause Gee! I find"...  When you open the card the little boys face blushes red and his eyes open and close. It looks like a movie when you continue to open and close this card slowly.  The inside reads: ..."about your Birthday...I'm a little Behind!".
Mfg. Unknown
Circa: 1892
Embossed and surrounded with Silk Fringe this type of Card was most popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Many Silk Fringed Cards had two different sides and were meant to be hand delivered or sent in an envelope unlike other mailed "postcards" of those days.  Many came with beautiful mailing boxes. The card reads: "Wishing You Many Happy Birthdays".
Mfg. Fairfield
Circa: 1940's
This Cut-out card is folded into fourths and has the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears inside. Goldilocks skirt is trimmed with real lace.  The card stands on its own to show Goldilocks from the front and the back.  The inside has the shortened story and also reads: "Hope your Birthday's Full of Fun, 'Cause you grow nicer With each one!".

Mfg. B. P.C.
Circa: 1910
The flowers on this Post Card are Embossed and the edges of the card are Gold Leafed.   The card reads: "May every Birthday hour enclose Within its inmost heart a rose".

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