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  1. Important Dates To Remember  (Holidays and other Observances, Birth Flowers)
  2. Wedding and Anniversary Gifts  (What do you give for a 14th wedding anniversary?)
  3. Birthstones  (Modern, Traditional, Mystical and Ayurvedic Birthstones)
  4. Signs of the Zodiac

Important Dates To Remember  
(*Denotes Holidays with dates that change annually)
Underlined Holidays ~ Links to History & Information of the Holiday

*(We'll be adding more on a regular basis)
 (Every effort has been made to ensure that dates are correct)


Birth Flower - White Carnation

January Weekly Celebrations and Observances:
Cuckoo Dancing Week, Wilderness Wildlife Week of Nature, Home Office Safety & Security Week, International Printing Week, Man Watchers Week, Christian Unity Week, Healthy Weight Week, National Handwriting Analysis Week, Hunt For Happiness Week, Catholic Schools Week, National Creative Frugality Week, National Nurse Anesthetists Week, Celebration of Life Week,  Diet Resolution Week,  Lose Weight/Feel Great Week,  New Years Resolutions Week, Women's Self Empowerment Week, Intimate Apparel Market Week, Graves' Disease Awareness Week, Thank Your Customers Week, "Someday We'll Laugh About This" Week, Letter Writing Week

January Monthly Celebrations and Observances:
National Oatmeal Month, Hot Tea Month, Be On-Purpose
Month, National Book Blitz Month, Bread Machine Baking Month, Candy Month, Celebration of Life Month, National Clean Up Your Computer Month, Clinical Trial Awareness Month, Egg Month, Family Fit Lifestyle Month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, National Gourmet Coffee Month, High-Tech Month, Image Improvement Month, International Creativity Month,  International Quality of Life Month, Mail Order Gardening Month, National Mentoring Month, Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month,  Poverty in America Awareness Month, Random Action Month, Reaching Your Potential Month, Senior Women's Travel Month and  Yours, Mine, & Ours Month

New Year’s Day   January 1
Bonza Bottler Day January 1
Epiphany (Celebrated 12 days after Christmas) January 6
Three Kings Day (Dia de los Santos Reyes) January 6
Sherlock Holmes's Birthday January 6
Bubble Bath Day January 8
Clean Off Your Desk Day January 8
Elvis's Birthday January 8
Psychiatric Technician's Day January 16
Golf Day January 17
Penguin Awareness Day January 20
*Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday ~ (observed the 3rd Monday in January) (Actual DOB 1-15-1929) January
National Hugging Day  January 21

*Chinese New Year (Celebrated 2nd new moon after Winter Solstice)

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day January 22
National Pie Day (Yum!) January 23
Edouard Manet's Birthday (1881) January 23
*Compliment Day   January 23
Fun At Work Day January 25
Healthy Weight Day January 25
Robert Burns Day  January 25
School Nurses Day  January 25
Spouse’s Day   January 26
Australia Day January 26
Inane Answering Machine Day January 30


Birth Flower - Violet
February Monthly Celebrations and Observances:
National Black History Month, American Heart Month, Wedding Month, Back For Family Fun Week, International Boost Self-Esteem Month, International Expect Success Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Caffeine Addiction Awareness Month, National Cherry Month, National Children's Dental Health Month,  National Hot Breakfast Month, National Single and Searching Month, Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month, Publicity for Profit Month, Potato Lover's Month, Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month, Spiritual Teachers Month and Wise Health Care Consumer Month 
National Freedom Day (Proposal Signed February 1, 1865) February 1
Groundhog Day February 2
Sneeze Day February 2
Candlemas (Celebrated in Europe) February 2
Bonza Bottler Day February 2

Ballet Day

February 7

Greet Your Neighbor Day

February 7
Wave Your Fingers Day February 7

Boy Scouts Day   

February 8
Lincoln’s Birthday  (DOB February 12, 1809) February 12
Eid al-Adha February 12
Valentine’s Day February 14
Ferris Wheel Day February 14
Susan B. Anthony Day February 15
*President’s Day ~ (Observed the 3rd Monday in February) February
Love Your Pet Day    February 20
Washington’s Birthday   (DOB February 22, 1732) February 22
Tennis Day February 23
Fat Tuesday ~ Mardis Gras ~  (Celebrated the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) February
*Ash Wednesday  ~  (Observed the 7th Wednesday preceding Easter) February


Birth Flower - Daffodil
March Monthly Celebrations and Observances: National Nutrition Month, Red Cross Month, Social Worker's Month, Women's History Month and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Umbrella Month, Peanut Month, Noodle Month, Mirth Month, Spring Month, Hoops Madness, Poetry Month, Umbrella Month, Red Cross Month, Youth Art Month, Academy Awards Month, Ethics Awareness Month, Help Someone See Month, Social Worker's Month, Women's History Month, National Nutrition Month, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Honor Society Awareness Month, Humorists Are Artists Month, International Listening Awareness Month, International Mirth Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, Music in Our Schools Month, National Collision Awareness Month, National Craft Month, National Kite Month, National Nutrition Month, Optimism Month, Play the Recorder Month, Poison Prevention Awareness Month
National Pig Day    March 1
St. David’s Day    March 1
If Pets Had Thumbs Day March 3
Bonza Bottler Day March 3
Dentist’s Day    March 6
*Purim (Begins at sundown) March
International Women’s Day    March 8
Panic Day!    March 9
*Employee Appreciation Day    March 10
Money Day    March 10
*Stop Smoking Day March 12
Pi Day March 14
Birthday of Girl Scouting    March 15
Incredible Kid Day March 15
Ides Of March    March 16
Incredible Kid Day    March 17
St. Patrick’s Day    March 17
Anniversary of Campfire Boys and Girls    March 18
St. Joseph’s Day    March 20
*Great American Meat Out    March
*Mothering Sunday (England - A model to our Mother's Day) ~ (Celebrated the 4th Sunday of Lent) March
Flower Day March 21
Make Your Own Holiday Day March 26
Doctor’s Day March 30


Birth Flower - Sweet Pea
April Monthly Celebrations and Observances: National Poetry Month, Guitar Month, Humor Month, Autism Awareness Month, Cancer Control Month and Occupational Therapy Month, Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, Autism Awareness Month, Books to Brighten Young Minds Months, Community Spirit Month, Confederate History Month, Couple Appreciation Month, International Customer Loyalty Month, International Guitar Month, International Legacy Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, Lawn and Garden Month, Mathematics Education Month, National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, National Humor Month, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, National Self-Publishing Month, National Smile Month, National Youth Sports Safety Month, Occupational Therapy Month, Pets Are Wonderful Month, School Library Month, Spring Break Month, Straw Hat Month, World Habitat Awareness Month
April Fool’s Day   ( All Fool's Day ) April 1
Children's Book Day April 2
*Palm Sunday (Celebrated the Sunday before Easter) April
Bonza Bottler Day April 4
*Passover (Begins at Sundown) April
Fun At Work Day April 5
No Housework Day April 7
California Poppy Day April 7
*Good Friday ~  (Celebrated the Friday before Easter) April
*Easter April
*Easter Monday ~ (Celebrated the day after Easter) April
Big Wind Day April 12
Jefferson's Birthday (DOB April 13, 1743) April 13
Tax Day! (The 15th or following non-holiday weekday if the 15th is a Saturday or Sunday) April 15
Pet Owner's Independence Day April 18
*Astronomy Day April
Earth Day     April 22
Girl Scout Leader Day April 22
Hug an Australian Day April 26
*Bring Your Kid To Work Day April 27
*Administrative Professionals Day ( formerly Secretaries Day )  ~ (Observed Wednesday of the last full week in April) Some calendars state the 21st April
Kiss Your Mate Day April 28
Puppetry Day April 29
*Holocaust Remembrance Day April
Greenery Day April 29
*Arbor Day April
Hairstylist Day April 30



Birth Flower - Lily of the Valley
May Weekly Celebrations and Observances:
Family Week, Tourism Week, Nurses' Week, Postcard Week, National Police Week, National Etiquette Week, Wildflower Week, Pickle Week, National Safe Boating Week, National Pet Week, Emergency Medical Services Week, Be Kind to Animals Week, Friends Week, Poetry Week, National Teacher Appreciation Week

May Monthly Celebrations and Observances:
Older American's Month, BBQ Month, Bike Month, Steelmark Month,  Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Barbecue Month, Better Hearing and Speech Month, Better Sleep Month, Breathe Easy Month and Clean Air Month, Creative Beginnings Month, Flower Month, Get Caught Reading Month, Graduation Month, Month of Mary, National Bike Month, National Book Month, National Egg Month, National Family Month, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Prom Graduation, Safety Month, National Salad Month, National Scholarship Month, National Sight-Saving Month, Older American's Month, School's Out, Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May Day    May 1
Mother Goose Day May 1
Save The Rhino Day May 1
Law Day May 1
Loyalty Day (Display U.S. Flag) May 1
Brother and Sisters Day May 2
*Tuba Day (Observed the 1st Friday In May) May 4
National Teacher's Day (Observed Tuesday in the first full week of May)  May
Cinco De Mayo     May 5
Un-Mother's Day May 5
Bonza Bottler Day May 5
*National Day of Prayer (Observed the 1st Thursday in May)  May
Nurses Day    May 6
Clergy Appreciation Day May 6
Midwives Day May 6
No Socks Day May 8
V.E. Day May 8
*Mother’s Day ~  (Observed the second Sunday in May) May
*Migratory Bird Day May 12
Eat What You Want Day May 11
National Mole Day May 15
Hug Your Cat Day May 15
Peace Officers Memorial Day a.k.a. Police Memorial Day (Display Flag at half staff) May 15
*National Defense Transportation Day 3rd Friday in May
*Armed Forces Day (Observed the 3rd Saturday in May) May
International Museum Day May 18
*Victoria Day (Canada ~ Queen Victoria's Birthday (24th actual) (Celebrated the first Monday preceding May 25th) May
*Ascension Day (Celebrated Thursday 39 days following Easter) May
National Maritime Day (Display U.S. Flag) May 22
World Turtle Day May 23
Mesmerism Day May 23
*Jazz Day -Held annually on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend May 25
Neighbor Day May 26
*Memorial Day ~ (Observed the last Monday in May since 1971) May
Return of the Slugs Day May 28
*Ascension Day ~  (Celebrated 39 days following Easter) April/May
Memorial Day (Actual) (a.k.a Decoration Day) May 30
World No Tobacco Day May 31



Birth Flower - Rose
Weekly Celebrations and Observances:
Step Parent's Week, National Fishing Week, eMail Week, Forgiveness Week, Take Your Pet to Work Week, Little League Week, Nursing Assistant's Week, Universal Father's Week, Helen Keller  Deaf - Blindness Awareness Week, Amateur Radio Week, Special Education Week, International Volunteer's Week

Monthly Celebrations and Observances:
Candy Month, Rose Month and Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, Graduation Month, Hamburger Month, Flower Month and Egg Month, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, Send A Rose Month, Graduation Month, Hamburger Month, Flower Month, Candy Month, Rose Month, Egg Month

Donut Day June 1
Tennessee Statehood Day June 1
Kentucky Statehood Day June 1
Yell "Fudge" at Cobras Day June 2
Festival of Utter Confusion Day June 2
Tattoo Day June 3
Repeat Day June 3
Egg Day June 3
Cancer Survivor's Day June 3
Frozen Yogurt Day June 4
Cheese Day June 4
World Environment Day June 5
D-Day (Display U.S. Flag) June 6
Cake Day June 6
Bonza Bottler Day June 6
Chocolate Ice Cream Day June 7
Best Friend's Day June 8
World Ocean's Day June 8
Yo Yo Day June 9
Children's Day June 10
Philippines Independence Day June 12
Juggling Day June 13
Kitchen Klutzes of America Day June 13
Flag Day (Display the U.S. Flag) June 14
Smile Power Day June 15
Fly A Kite Day June 15
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Day June 15
*Father’s Day  (Observed the third Sunday in June) June
Juneteenth (U.S. Emancipation Proclamation 1863) June 19
Sauntering Day June 19
Vanilla Milkshake Day June 20
Bald Eagle Day June 20
West Virginia Day June 20
Cuckoo Warning Day June 21
Chocolate Eclair Day June 22
Auto Race Day June 22
Discovery Day (Canada) June 23
St. Jean Baptiste Day (France - Canada) June 24
Take Your Pet To Work Day June 24
Teddy Bear Day June 24
America's Kid's Day June 24
Strawberry Parfait Day June 25
Independence Day in Slovenia, Croatia and Mozambique June 25
Beautician's Day June 26
Rose Day June 26
Columnist's Day June 26
Captain Kangaroo's Birthday June 27
Frozen Yogurt Day June 27
Cheese Day June 27
Helen Keller's Birthday June 27
Happy Birthday to the Happy Birthday Song Day June 27
Gettysburg Civil War Heritage Day June 28
Panama Canal Day June 29
*Gay and Lesbian Pride Day (International) (Observed the last Sunday in June) June
Sky Day June 30
Ice Cream Soda Day June 30
Log Cabin Day June 30
Superman's Birthday June 30



Birth Flower - Larkspur
July is Hot Dog Month

Weekly Celebrations:
Be Nice To New Jersey Week, Freedom Week, National Laundry Worker's Week, Take Charge of Change Week, Great Circus Parade Week, National Therapeutic Recreation Week, Captive Nations Week, National Salad Week

Canada Day (July 1st, unless that date falls on a Sunday, in which case it is observed July 2nd) July 1
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day July 1
International Joke Day July 1
Diana, Princess of Wales Birthday July 1
Build A Scarecrow Day July 1
Praise A Postal Worker Day July 1
I Forgot Day! July 2
Halfway Day July 2
Ducktona 500 July 2
Dog Days of Summer Begin July 3
Compliment Your Mirror Day July 3
National Tom Sawyer Day July 3

Independence Day ~ Fourth of July  (U.S. Declaration of Independence)

July 4
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day July 4
Barbeque Day July 4
Country Music Day July 4
Workaholic's Day July 5
Anxiety Day July 5
Independence Day (Venezuela) July 5
Independence Day (Algeria) July 5
Fried Chicken Day July 6
Birthday of US President George W. Bush July 6
National Cherry Festival July 6

Cherry Pit Spitting Day

July 7
Tanabata Star Festival (Japan) July 6
Dad & Daughter Take A Walk Day July 6
Pinocchio Adventure Day July 6
Birthday of Artist Marc Chagall July 6
Running of the Bulls (Spain) July 6
Saba Saba Day (Tanzania) July 6
Bonza Bottler Day July 7
Video Games Day July 8
Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Omelette Day July 8
Blonde Day July 9
Sugar Cookie Day July 9
Pina Colada Day July 10
Hot Diggity Dog Day July 10
Teddy Bear Picnic Day July 10
Wyoming Statehood Day July 10
Swimming Pool Day July 11
Cheer Up The Lonely Day July 11
Ice Cream Day July 13
French Fries Day July 13
Beans and Franks Day July 13
Bon Festival (Japan) July 13
Bastille Day (France) (French Revolution 1789) July 14
Cow Appreciation Day July 15 (18th in some locations)
Ice Cream Cone Day July 15 (23rd in some locations)
Respect Canada Day July 15
International Juggling Day July 16
Wrong Way Corrigan Day July 17
Caviar Day July 18
Chrysanthemum Day July 18
Flitch Day July 19
Ugly Truck Day July 20
Lollipop Day July 20
Peaches and Cream Day July 21
Spoonerism Day July 22
Ice Cream Cone Day July 23 (15th in some locations)
Coffee Day July 24
Cousin's Day July 24
Act Like A Caveman Day July 25
Aunt and Uncle Day July 26
New York Ratification Day July 26
Take Your Plants For A Walk Day July 27
Hula Hoop Day July 27
*National Parent's Day (Observed the fourth Sunday in July) July 28
Accountant's Day July 28
Hamburger Day July 28
Parent's Day July 29
NASA's Anniversary July 29
Rocket Day July 29
Rain Day July 29
Father-In-Law Day July 30



Birth Flower - Gladiolas
August is: Golf Month,  Back to School Month
*Friendship Day (Celebrated the first Sunday in August) August
US Coast Guard Day August 4
Sister's Day August 5
International Forgiveness Day August 5
National Lighthouse Day August 7
Senior Citizens Day August 8
Bonza Bottler Day August 8
Son's and Daughter's Day August 11
Left-Hander's Day August 13
V.J. Day August 14
Relaxation Day August 15
Assumption Day August 15
Bad Poetry Day August 18
National Aviation Day August 19
Hawaii Day August 21
Be An Angel Day August 22
Tooth Fairy Day August 22
Ride The Wind Day August 23
Sam Spade Day August 24
Kiss and Make Up Day August 25
Women's Equality Day (Suffrage) August 26
Just Because Day August 27
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day August 28



Birth Flower - Aster
September is:
Honey Month, Piano Month, Little League Month, Fall Hat Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th thru October 15th), Subliminal Marketing Month and Kids Good Manners Month, 
Piano Month, Honey Month, Chicken Month, Back to School, Fall Hat Month, Autumn Fun Month, Little League Month, Classical Music Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Kids Good Manners Month
Chicken Boy Day September 1
*Labor Day (Observed the first Monday in September) September
*Teacher's Day September 4
Be Late For Something Day September 5
Fight Procrastination Day September 6
*National Grandparent’s Day (Observed the first Sunday after Labor Day) September
Bonza Bottler Day September 9
Patriot Day (In honor of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the United States, September 11, 2001) Became law 12-18-2001 (Display National Flag)  A Tribute To New York September 11
Video Game Day September 12
Blame Some One Else Day September
Women's Friendship Day September 16
Stay Away From Seattle Day September 16
Preserve The Ozone Day September 16
Stepfamily Day September 16
Independence Day ~ Mexico September 16
Citizenship Day  (Display American Flag) September 17
Constitution Day    September 17
International Day of Peace September 18
*Thank You Day September 18
POW / MIA Recognition Day September 19
*Biosphere Day September 21
Elephant Appreciation Day September 22
Ice Cream Cone B-Day September 22
Hoodie Hoo Day ~ South of the Equator September 22
Business Women's Day September 22
Good Neighbor Day September 23
"Inner"gize Day September 23
Rabbit Day September 24
One Hit Wonder Day September 25
*Native American Indian Day  (Observed the 4th Friday in September) September
*Rosh Hashanah   September



Birth Flower - Marigold
October is:
Caramel Month, Cookie Month, Dinosaur Month, E-Card Month, Fired Up Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AIDS Awareness Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, Pregnancy and Infant Awareness Month,  Roller Skating Month, Sarcastics Month, Stamp Collecting Month and Vegetarian Awareness Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th thru October 15th) and National Disability Employment Awareness Month,  AIDS Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Caramel Month,  Clergy Appreciation Month,  Cookie Month, Dinosaur Month, Eat Country Ham Month, eCard Month, Fall Fired Up Month, Gay & Lesbian History Month, Pregnancy & Infant Awareness, Pretzel Month, Pumpkin Festival, Rollerskating Month, Sarcastics Awareness Month, Stamp Collecting Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month
*Vegetarian Day October 1
World Habitat Day October 2
Techies Day October 3
*Yom Kippur October
Toot Your Flute Day October 4
St. Francis Day October 4
*Child Health Day (Observed the first Monday in October) October
Intergeneration Day (Observed the 1st Sunday in October) October
Global Learn Day October 8
Leif Erikson Day October 9
Tuxedo Day October 10
Bonza Bottler Day October 10
Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day October 11
General Casimir Pulaski Day (Father of the American Cavalry) October 11
Emergency Nurses Day October 11
Columbus (Actual) October 12
Train Your Brain Day October 13
Frustration Scream Day October 13
*National Children’s Day  (Celebrated the 2nd Sunday in October) October
*Columbus Day   October 12
*Thanksgiving (Canada) (Celebrated the 2nd Monday in October) October
Be Bald and Be Free Day October 14
White Cane Safety Day October 15
National Boss’s Day    October 16
School Librarian Day October 16
*Sweetest Day  (Celebrated the 3rd Saturday in October) October
Bela Lugosi's Birthday (October 20, 1882) October 20
Timothy Leary's Birthday October 22
Franz Liszt's Birthday (1881) October 22
National Mole Day October 23
TV Talk Show Host Day October 23
International Forgiveness Day October 24
United Nations Day    October 24
*Ramadan  October
*Mother-In-Law Day (Celebrated the 4th Sunday in October) October
National Music Day - As submitted by Reynolds Middle School. Pump up the volume on National Music Day! Today is the day to just sit back and relax listening to your favorite songs. Whatever your style is, have fun with it! October 27
Make A Difference Day October 28
Juliette Gordon Low's Birthday (1860) (Founder of the Girl Scouts)  October 31
Trick or Treat ~ It's Halloween October 31



Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum
November is:
Aviation History Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, Georgia Pecan Month, Native American Heritage Month, Peanut Butter Lover Month, Vegan Awareness Month and Sleep Comfort Month, Aviation History Month,  Diabetes Awareness Month, Georgia Pecan Month, Native American Heritage Month, Peanut Butter Lover's Month,  Sleep Comfort Month, Vegan Awareness Month
All Saint’s Day    November 1
Day of the Dead    November 1-2
All Soul's Day November 2
Culture Day (Japan) November 3
Sandwich Day November 3
King Tut Day November 4
Guy Fawkes Day (The Gunpowder Plot - Britain) November 5
Saxophone Day November 6
Election Day  ~ USA November 6
Abet and Aid Punster's Day November 8
Cook Bold and Pungent Day November 8
Young Reader's Day November 8
United States Marine Corp Birthday (1775) November 10
Veteran’s Day  (U.S. - End of WWI - 1918) November 11
Armistice Day (Europe - End of WWI - 1918) November 11
Remembrance Day (Canada - End of WWI - 1918) November 11
Bonza Bottler Day November 11
World Kindness Day November 13
Accountant's Day November 13
Sadie Hawkins Day    November 15
Young Reader's Day November 14
*Fast For World Harvest Day - Thursday before Thanksgiving November
*Great American Smokeout November 15
*America Recycles Day November 15
World Peace Day November 17
International Children's Day November 20
World Hello Day November 21
Stop The Violence Day November 22
Boris Karloff's Birthday (1887) November 23
*Thanksgiving (U.S.)   Observed the 4th Thursday of November November
Red Planet Day November 28 
Sinkie Day November
Call In Well Day November 30
*Hanukkah   Hanukkah always starts on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Jewish calendar which is the day the Maccabbees re-dedicated the temple over 2000 years ago. The holiday runs for 8 days and begins in later November or December. November/December



Birth Flower - Paper White
December is: 
Made In America Month, Hi Neighbor Month, National Stress Free Month, Family Holiday Month, Bingo's Birthday Month, Read A New Book Month, Bingo Month, Hi Neighbor Month, Holiday Thank You Month, Interfaith Month, Safe Toys and Gifts Month, Stress Free Holidays Month, Universal Human Rights Month 
World AIDS Day December 1
First Day of Advent    December 3
Santa's List Day December 4
Bathtub Party Day December 5
Letter Writing Day December 7
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 7
Teacher's Appreciation Day December 7
Immaculate Conception   December 8
Weary Willie Day December 9
Human Rights Day December 10
Sister-friend Day December 10
Poinsettia Day December 12
Bonza Bottler Day December 12
Foster Child Day - As sumbitted by Reynolds Middle School.  Today is the day where we should celebrate kids who really need us.Take the time out of your busy schedule to visit a foster child - play a game with him/her or bring him/her a toy - it'll make the kid's day!! December 12
Santa Lucia Day December 13
Underdog Day December 15
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel's Birthday December 15
Ludwig von Beethoven's Birthday December 16
Bake Cookies Day December 17
Pan American Aviation Day December 17
Wright Brothers Day December 17
Humbug Day December 21
Forefather's Day (Mayflower at Plymouth 1620) December 21
Feast of the Radishes Day December 23
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas    December 25
Kwanzaa  (African American Heritage 1966) December 26
Boxing Day (Canada) December 26
Louis Pasteur's Birthday (1822) December 27
Frederic Chopin's Birthday (1810) December 28
Holiday Breather Day December 28
Make Up Your Mind Day December 31
New Year's Eve December 31
*Hanukkah   Hanukkah always starts on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Jewish calendar which is the day the Maccabbees re-dedicated the temple over 2000 years ago. The holiday runs for 8 days and begins in later November or December. November/December

Please email us at and let us know any Holidays or Observances that we have omitted and feel should be included in our list.  Please include any details and we will honor that day with a special page of its own!

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Wedding and Anniversary Gifts



Years Married Gift


Second China
Third Crystal / Glass
Fourth Appliances
Fifth Silverware
Sixth Wood
Seventh Desk Sets
Eighth Linens / Lace
Ninth Leather
Tenth Diamond Jewelry
Eleventh Fashion Jewelry
Twelfth Pearls
Thirteenth Textiles
Fourteenth Gold Jewelry
Fifteenth Watches
Twentieth Platinum
Twenty-Fifth Silver
Thirtieth Diamond
Thirty-Fifth Jade
Fortieth Ruby
Forty-Fifth Sapphire
Fiftieth Gold
Fifty-Fifth Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond
Seventy-Fifth Silver

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Month Modern * Traditional Mystical * Ayurvedic *






February   Amethyst   Amethyst   Bloodstone   Amethyst
March   Aquamarine   Bloodstone   Jade   Bloodstone
April   Diamond   Diamond   Opal   Diamond
May   Emerald   Emerald   Sapphire   Agate
June   Pearl/Moonstone   Alexandrite   Moonstone   Pearl
July   Ruby   Ruby   Ruby   Ruby
August   Peridot   Sardonyx   Diamond   Sapphire
September   Sapphire   Sapphire   Agate   Moonstone
October   Opal/Tourmaline   Tourmaline   Jasper   Opal
November   Yellow Topaz/Citrine   Citrine   Pearl   Topaz
December   Blue Topaz/Turquoise   Zircon Onyx Turquoise/Lapis Lazuli

* The Modern Birthstone list contains the official birthstone list from the American National Association of Jewelers. These gemstones were officially adopted in 1912. This is the accepted list in the United States. The Traditional Birthstone list contains older birthstones and is sometimes combined with modern birthstones. These stones reflect societal birthstone traditions, heralding back to the 15th century.

* The Mystical Birthstone List is of Tibetan origin from over a thousand years ago.

* The Ayurvedic Birthstone List is from Ayurvedic Indian Medicine - a type of medicine used for over a thousand years.

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Signs of the Zodiac


Capricorn   December 22 to January 19
Aquarius   January 20 to February 18
Pisces   February 19 to March 20
Aries   March 21 to April 19
Taurus   April 20 to May 20
Gemini   May 21 to June 20
Cancer   June 21 to July 22
Leo   July 23 to August 22
Virgo   August 23 to September 22
Libra   September 23 to October 22
Scorpio   October 23 to November 21
Sagittarius   November 22 to December 21
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